We are happy to offer:
- Airplane Tie-Downs
(free with fuel purchase)

- Emergency Aircraft Repairs
(provided by MMS Aviation)

- Rental Cars
(provided by Mission Auto Connection)

- Automated Weather Observation System
Radio Frequency 118.875
Phone 740-295-7370

- Pilot Flight Planning Lounge

- GCO Remote
Radio Frequency 121.725 (4)Clicks Flight Service

- Comfortable Public Lounge


At Richard Downing Airport we take pride in the quality of our service. Here are some of the services and amenities that we offer:


• Full service fueling.
• Spacious and comfortable terminal building with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.
• Pilot lounge with flight planning computers and television.
• The Dale Parkhill Conference Room.
• Spotless restroom/shower facilities.
• Free coffee and popcorn.
• Fast, friendly service.
• Courtesy Car and Van available. ($5.00 usage fee, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE)
• Maintenance Services on the field, provided by MMS Aviation.

Here are just a few of the comments from recent visitors:

"The service was great. The young gentleman even pumped the fuel at this price. Great FBO!"

"Great fuel stop. Very friendly staff."

"Line guy was waiting by the pump for me when I taxied up. Superb service. Why WOULDN'T I stop there for fuel with service like that..."

"What a great airport! New terminal, friendly people, reasonable fuel cost and more. Recommend this as a fuel stop."

"Can't say enough good things about a recent stop in Coshocton. Extremely friendly folks, and everyone in the town was great."

"Nicest folks in NE Ohio and perhaps the whole NE US! Great fuel prices, always."

"Wow! What a great FBO. Why can't all GA airports be this nice!"

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